Last 48-Hours to Help WordCamp Pune as a Sponsor

WordCamp Pune will be closing “Call for Sponsors” by Thursday, Jan 5, midnight (IST). If you are considering sponsoring WordCamp Pune, please hurry up!

Call for sponsors is now closed. Thank you for your interest. You can consider sponsoring other WordCamps such as WordCamp Udaipur and WordCamp Kochi.

During Last WordCamp Pune, we closed “Call for Sponsor” before the event.

Thanks to all WordCamp Pune sponsors, we manage to reach our minimum sponsorship goal for this WordCamp too.

So we will be closing “Call for Sponsors” by Thursday, Jan 5, midnight (IST).

If you are planning to sponsor WordCamp Pune, please send your Sponsorship requests before deadline.

If you have already sent a request but did not hear back from us, please bump the email thread or contact us.

We have replied to each sponsorship inquiry already. So no sponsor should be waiting to hear from us. In fact, it’s we who are waiting to hear from some of the sponsors! 😉

Why close call for sponsors?

You may wonder why any event needs to close call for sponsorship!

Isn’t more sponsorship better? Why not accept sponsorship even on last day!

The fact takes days for a sponsorship application to full process. Following is a rough overview.

Every Sponsorship Application…

First, every sponsorship application is reviewed manually where we verify if the sponsor is in line with WordCamp guidelines, the key being if they love and respect GPL as we do!

Once it passes moderation, there are emails exchanged; invoices sent and payments wired. See WordCamps has always been cashless!

Finally, approved sponsors get some benefits. Organizers need time to pass on benefits like blog posts, social media mentions, free tickets and much more.

As you see, there is a lot of work to do with sponsorship applications itself! So even fastest application will take minimum two days.

On another end…

A WordCamp needs many things!

The venue being biggest requirement gets sorted first. But things such as food, swags, and wifi are kept open ended.

We as organisers maintain a list of plans/quotes for such things, but the final decision is often based on funds available for the event.

Now as you can imagine, we can’t place orders for everything on last day; we need to make decisions as early as possible.

In our case, we are planning to close all such decisions by this weekend. That would be exactly one week before the WordCamp Pune 2017.

So we are requesting all prospective sponsors to contribute as early as possible, so we can utilize your funds in best possible way!

It’s still not late!

We are yet to place final orders few things including foods & refreshment, wifi plan.

So if you send your sponsorship within next 2-days, it will help WordCamp Pune.

What about the surplus fund?

Yep. There is a possibility that we might end up with the surplus fund. But that will be passed to the next WordCamp in India as per guidelines.

So your sponsorship will help a WordCamp in India and WordPress community as a whole.

Have A Question?

Please get in touch with us via our contact page.

Link: Call for Sponsors (will close on Thursday, Jan 5, midnight – IST)

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Call for sponsors is now closed. Thank you for your interest. You can consider sponsoring other WordCamps such as WordCamp Udaipur and WordCamp Kochi.