Careers for non-developers in WordPress

Are you a designer, communicator, or other non-coder? Do you wonder if and how you can fit into a WordPress agency? Are you a student looking for a career path that excites you?

Each of our panelists have made successful careers in WordPress agencies, while having core responsibilities other than writing code. They will provide insight on the possibilities and paths that you can take towards a career in WordPress.

The session will be informal and conversational, with sufficient time devoted to audience questions.

Shilpa Shah (Moderator)

Shilpa Shah is co-founder, Hummingbird Web Solutions and primarily focuses on CyberChimps, a WordPress Themes Store.
She was bitten by the travel bug pretty early on and was lucky enough to have a job (in her earlier corporate avatar) that took her to various countries, meeting some truly wonderful people everywhere! She enjoys dancing in the rain ( or anywhere actually) , trekking, camping outdoors.

Shilpa on Twitter: @IdleGazer

Nitun Lanjewar

Nitun started his career trying to dabble in PHP and started using WordPress back in 2009. His curiosity with WordPress more or less got him communicating with clients more than actually write code. He has communicated with over 200 clients projects. He loves the process of handling a client project and enjoys giving support to WordPress products.

He works as VP – Products for rtCamp.

Nitun on Twitter: @nitullanjewar

Parth Gohil

Parth is working as a Community Manager at Axelerant. His work focus is to help with open source community efforts, managing social media profiles and online marketing campaigns, and confirming analytics.

A tech enthusiast by heart and open source evangelist, he has been known to escape from work by giving time to his personal entrepreneurial goals, to Cha-Cha Productions, and by indulging in sports like football, table tennis, swimming and billiards.

Parth has acted in 6 short films and he also knows how to pilot a single engine aircraft.

Parth on Twitter: @parth_gohil

Alexander Gounder

Alex is an SEO / SEM, Internet Marketer with a wide variety of work experience across industries and domains like Films, TV Production, Customer Service, Politics, Government Operations, Press Relations, Graphic & Web Design to finally Internet Marketing & SEO.

For the last four to five years he has been involved with the Indian WordPress Community which has helped him use WordPress for his clients at Ink my web better.

He’s often seen ranting about politics on Twitter.

Alex on Twitter: @gounder

Nancy Thanki

Nancy Thanki is a photographer, filmmaker, and Happiness Engineer. Whether she is tinkering on the web or editing a film, she’s enjoys introducing users and storytellers to visual design and how to avoid the pitfalls of “en vogue” to create products that can withstand the test of rising and falling fashions in typography, photography, moving images, and design.

Nancy on Twitter: @NancyThanki