Looking for your next gig? Check out the job board at WCPune!

WordCamps are a great place to network and meet new people who have similar passions as you. Attendees not only include freelancers and interesting individuals, but also representatives from different companies in the ecosystem.

People who attend WordCamps potentially already have a lot in common. This makes it so much easier for freelancers to find future collaborators and organizations to find talent.

With this intention, we will be setting up a job board at WCPune. We invite you to post job listings and opportunities for collaboration.

And we don’t mind you getting creative with your listings either!

Image credit: https://twitter.com/PerfectDashbrd/status/805091287590379520

As with any element of community, the board is dependent on collective goodwill. It is not meant to be vector for affiliate or product marketing.

Look for the job board in the common networking area of WCPune. All the best!