Our panelists will try to solve your Product vs Service dilemma

One of the fundamental questions that all business owners need to answer at some point is the age-old “Do I pursue a Product or a Service model?”. More than just a decision, the answer defines an organizational mindset that helps shape the personality of the agency.

Our panel of experts have experience in successful product- and service-based companies over the years. The session will be informal and conversational, with sufficient time devoted to audience questions.

Karthik Magapu (Moderator)

Karthikraj is Co-Founder and Chief Explorer of Hummingbird Web
Solutions, which builds and supports products for Web developers and Web Designers. WordPress is a big part of what Hummingbird does – www.hbwsl.com/wordpress
He also teaches Yoga, enjoys solving variants of the Rubik’s Cube and loves Open Source.

Karthik on Twitter: @KarthikMagapu

Devin Walker

Devin Walker is the creator of Give, the top-rated WordPress donation plugin and founder of WordImpress, a San Diego based WordPress plugin company. He has been working with WordPress for 8 years and has extensive experience developing and supporting popular plugins such as Google Maps Builder, Yelp Widget Pro and WooCommerce Quick Checkout. In total, his plugins have more than 100,000 active installs and hundreds of 5-star reviews. Outside of the WordPress world, Devin enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and playing golf.

Devin on Twitter: @innerwebs

Nirav Mehta

Nirav is called the entrepreneur geek. He likes technology as much as business.
He’s built a rather eventful track record over the last 18 years. He launched India’s first electronic magazine, a thriving web agency that went down in 2009, made a heroic return and recovery, then a string of successful product businesses in parallel. He’s authored three books and speaks at various tech and business events.
But hey, numbers and all the claim-to-fame apart, what’s most important about him is that he loves to contribute. He is easily approachable and has a lot of experience. So if you have any questions about WordPress, WooCommerce; starting up, running or scaling a tech business, he’d love to help!
Start with following him on Twitter @niravmehta! You can learn more about his WordPress solutions at: http://www.storeapps.org and http://www.icegram.com
Nirav on Twitter: @niravmehta

Rohan Thackeray

Rohan is the Founder of Wisdm Labs and directs their overall strategic and management functions. With an experience of over 10 years in technology, sales and product marketing across IBM and Convonix, Rohan continues to develop long-term value for the company’s stakeholders. He is an avid trekker and a foodie at heart.

Rohan on Twitter: @rohanthakare

Premanshu Manghirmalani

Premanshu is a website designer at heart, a PHP programmer by chance, an entrepreneur by passion, a law graduate by qualification, a biker and an avid Reader.

He runs a web development firm – SunnyZ World and has been doing lots of WordPress websites especially for SMEs and MSMEs.

Premanshu on Twitter: @unsharpme