Photography and Bingo Contest Winners!

First, our apologies for the delay in announcing the winners of the WCPune 2017 Photography and Bingo contests! 🙏

Photography Contest Winner

I would like to thank each and every attendee of WordCamp Pune 2017 who captured some of the great moments during the event.

We found a LOT of pictures on our Twitter and Facebook streams. It took us some time to get through all of them and choosing a winner was complicated!

So, without further ado, our winner is Abhishek Deshpande.

Abhishek took so many photos during the event and captured some of the best & most memorable moments. Thank you very much, Abhishek, for your efforts with the camera. You will soon receive an email with a surprise gift 😉

All the pictures captured by Abhishek can be found on his Facebook album

Bingo Winner

In order for you to get to know our generous Sponsors better, we asked you a few questions. You needed to write the answers and tweet or let us know as soon as they finished with all the questions.

Here are some of our WCPUNE Bingo tweets. Thank you all, for participating in the game.

Based on who answered all the questions promptly and correctly, we have our winners:

  1. Varun Pailwan
  2. Bharat Parsiya

Our winners will soon receive an email from us with the surprise gift 🎁

Thanks for your participation!

Our thanks goes out to each one of you who participated. Your participation helped make WCPune an exciting, energetic place to be.

See you next year! 🙂

Presenting the official WCPune T-shirt

The winner of the T-shirt contest is A Day in Pune by Smita Dabir. We spoke to Smita, congratulated her and got some modifications done.

Do remember that only tickets bought before the 1st of January get t-shirts (because it takes 15 days for our vendor to print and deliver them), so buy your ticket now.

The meaning of the t-shirt

WCPune T-shirt Annotated

Selection Process

  1. From 11 to 7: To maintain fairness and remove any bias, we first took out the designs submitted by the organisers (Premanshu & Ganesh). That reduced our choice to 7 designs.
  2. From 7 to 2: Next thing we looked for is how specific was the design to WordCamp Pune. It’s one thing we noticed in WordCamp t-shirts around the world. Just like the logo and the mascot, the t-shirt had a local flavour or element that differentiated it from just a WordPress t-shirt. After all, we want you to remember WordCamp Pune! 🙂 That left us with just 2 designs – Shades of Pune by Kaushik Baroliya and A Day in Pune by Smita Dabir.
  3. From 2 to 1: Then it was just a matter of picking one that made most sense as the official WordCamp Pune 2017 t-shirt. A Day in Pune had everything quintessential about Pune!

Why black?

That’s because every vendor we approached is short on every colour except black and white, owing to the recent cyclone that affected their sourcing from Tirupur. Black & white are colours that are always in stock because they are always in demand. White was out of question, so all we have is black.

Presenting the entries for the T-shirt Design Contest

In all, we received 11 entries from 7 people; two of them sent in more than one design. Two of the entries were sent in by members of the organising team.

Everyone on this list gets one free ticket to WCPune, whether we choose your design for the official t-shirt or not. If you’ve already bought a ticket, you can pass on the free ticket to a friend or acquaintance!

For all WCPune attendees, feast your eyes on the submitted designs and let us know what you think of them in the comments. We named the designs ourselves, the designers just let their work speak. 😉 We’ll be finalising and announcing our selection within a couple of days.

Do make sure to follow these talented folks on twitter or share your appreciation with them when you see them at WordCamp Pune 2017

1. WordPress Network by Arvind Baraskar


by Arvind Baraskar

Aren’t WordCamps all about WordPress and Networking, just like this design. And oh, the WordPress blue!

2. Mandali by Ganesh Kerkar

by Ganesh Kerkar

Wapsara finally gets the whole troupe and they will perform the tamasha for you. Cuteness multiplied by five!

3. Shades of Pune by Kaushik Baroliya

by Kaushik Baroliya

Shaniwarwada and the typical Pune flag make it very clear where the event is. Calm, soothing and interesting at the same time!

4. Wapsara Aali by Premanshu Manghirmalani

by Premanshu Manghirmalani
This design lets our mascot Wapsara shine in her full glory. Simple, elegant and clear. Wapsara aali re aali.

5. Express, Impress, WordPress by Premanshu Manghirmalani

by Premanshu Manghirmalani

You know exactly what this t-shirt is about. Hint: The software that we all love!

6. I heart WP by Premanshu Manghirmalani

by Premanshu Manghirmalani

Who are we? WordPressers. What do we love? WordPress. When do we show it? WordCamp Pune!

7. Dashicons by Sanyog Shelar

by Sanyog Shelar

You’d never feel out of place when the familiar dashicons from the WordPress dashboard are on your t-shirt. Simple, easily recognisable, this t-shirt says WordPress!

8. A Day in Pune by Smita Dabir

by Smita Dabir

What do you do in Pune? Have a glass of Mastani, a plate of piping hot misal, visit Shaniwarwada. If you’re not sure, just use this t-shirt as a checklist and enjoy your time in Pune!

9. Laya Bhari by Smita Dabir

by Smita Dabir

So Puneri that only Poona folks will get this completely. Lay Bhari = Super Awesome Great Shakes X 1000!

10. Back to Basics by Smita Dabir

by Smita Dabir

No frills, no pretensions, no message. Just WordCamp Pune 2017!

11. Made in Pune by Rashmi Sonawane

by RSTech

This comes from an anonymous designer known only as RSTech. Mysteries aside, it is simple, elegant and very similar to our t-shirt last year. Consistency!

#WCPune Bingo with Sponsors

In the coming days, we’ll announce all the wonderful sponsors we have. We love to see participants interact with our sponsors and get to know a little more about them. This year we have decided to help facilitate this interaction from our side.

Presenting Bingo with Sponsors. It’s like your standard game of Bingo or as we know it commonly, Housie. However, instead of numbers, your Bingo ticket will have questions and tasks.


WordCamp Pune 2017 Goodie Bags* for the first 3 complete tickets.

We’re working on getting additional prizes like the fastest-five and each complete row.

How to Play

  1. Collect your Bingo Ticket from the registration desk.
  2. Every participant gets one and only one ticket.
  3. Every ticket will be different and generated randomly.
  4. Each ticket has 15 items organised in 5 columns and 3 rows.
    1. An item may be a task (take a photo at a sponsor stall and tweet it, etc).
    2. An item maybe a question (Who is the CEO of Automattic, the makers of JetPack?, etc)
  5. All you have to do is complete all the tasks and answer all the questions.
  6. We’ll be playing this dedicatedly between 10:00 am and 10:20 am on the day of the event. See:
  7. Once you finish, tweet or share your ticket with #WCPune & #Bingo hashtags or shout Bingo, whichever is faster.
  8. Collect your prize!

*What’s in those goodie bags? Well, we’ll tell you a couple of days before the WordCamp! 😉

#WCPune Photography Contest

You know you take all those awesome photos at every WordCamp you attend. Just make sure you use the hashtag #WCPune when you upload them and you may just win some delightful goodies!


WordCamp Pune 2017 Goodie Bags* for the best 3 photos and a whole lot of love and appreciation from the community! 🙂


  1. Use any device.
  2. Click anything; t-shirts, sponsor tables, sessions, selfies, etc
    1. at WordCamp Pune 2017.
    2. at the events one day before WCPune.
    3. at the after-party.
  3. Upload the photos to Facebook or Twitter with the #WCPune hashtag.
    1. Only Facebook or Twitter. No other social networks.
    2. Photos without the hashtag won’t be considered.
  4. The last date for uploads is 16th January, i.e., one day after the event is over.

That’s it! Go around, attend sessions, meet new people, discuss great ideas and click awesome photos!

*What’s in those goodie bags? Well, we’ll tell you a couple of days before the WordCamp! 😉

T-shirt Design Contest

We know our participants love a good t-shirt and love to wear it long after the event is over.

So, here’s a contest to design a great T-shirt for WordCamp Pune 2017. We’ll make sure that the fabric is as great as a good store-bought t-shirt and that there are women’s sizes and fit available. It won’t be a cheap, transparent t-shirt that feels more like a baniyan (vest).

Your canvas– 500 wonderful WordPress lovers from around the globe who’d love to wear your work, long after the event is over.

Blank T-shirts


  1. The design should not be dependent on a white or black background. The t-shirt can be any colour except white. White is translucent. (We would also like to avoid black; too cliched for tech events.)
  2. The design must include the logo or Wapsara, the mascot for WCPune 2017.
  3. The logo or the mascot must not be too large, distracting or too promotional.
    • We are not printing the t-shirts to promote or market WordCamp Pune 2017. We’ve seen that very few people like wearing such overtly branded t-shirts. They become sleepwear or are passed on to house-helps and such.
  4. The t-shirts and their design must follow the guidelines here:
  5. We’d also like to meet this challenge, irrespective of whether it is on now:
  6. The design must be submitted by the 20th of December, 2016.


  • Credits, bragging rights and stardom. 😉
  • One free ticket to WordCamp Pune 2017.
  • 5 T-shirts in sizes of your choice that you give your friends & family (+ 1 that you’d get for yourself, as a participant)
  • Love, chocolates, free drinks (alcoholic/ non-alcoholic) and other gifts personally from the organisers.

How to participate

Mail to us at We’ll share the vectors in your desired format for both the logo and Wapsara to get you started.