Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange is a group of WordPress enthusiasts who meet at least every fortnight to discuss and learn more about WordPress through formal and informal sessions. (MeetupFacebookTwitter). We are (in no particular order):

Premanshu Manghirmalani

Premanshu is a web designer at heart and a PHP programmer by chance, an entreprenuer by passion and Law Graduate by qualification. He is an avid read and a biker. His passions have borne fruit in the form of a web development agency – SunnyZ World

He is known for his genial nature and will help out handling volunteers, WordCamp day activities, swag and design too. Yes, he is all over WordCamp Pune.

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Harshad Yeola

Harshad is a techie and OpenSource lover. He likes to play with server networks. Linux, Networking, Security, Shell Scripting, Python are some words which interests him.

Apart from technology, he likes riding bikes, traveling, listening music and watch live dance shows.

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Amrit Israni

Amrit is a human resource professional who enjoys exploring organizational culture, strategies, and goals.

He likes to be a part of the WordPress community as it’s based on open source culture.

When he is not helping people, he is busy supporting Arsenal, playing basketball (there is a high possibility of finding him on the court during WordCamp), jamming or spending time with family.

At ShoppinPal, you will usually find him eating or discussing a range of movies apart from the regular HR work. You will never find him without his diary and a smile on his face!

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Umesh Kumar

Umesh is a developer at WPMU DEV. Hiking and Camping really interests him.

He has been working in WordPress for 4 Years now, and been actively contributing to various WordPress releases.

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Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek’s most prized possession is his gaming console. He believes that it is better to race against time on a video game rather than take part in real life’s rat race.

He has been a core contributor to WordPress and loves BuddyPress. He works with BuddyBoss as a developer.

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Aditya Kane

Aditya is a writer at heart and secretly wants to be a world famous philosopher / anarchist. He wants the core tenets of the open source philosophy around software to make its way in education, politics, law and economics.

He works as Chief Culture Officer at Yapapaya and loves volunteering time to the WordPress project.

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Saurabh Shukla

Saurabh has an opinion on everything and never fails to express them, completely ignoring the set and setting! He writes poems and code and is trying to read the complete Wikipedia.

Saurabh is the Chief Strategist at Yapapaya and the Chief Mentor at

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Savita Soni

Savita is Business Head at WPoets, and passionately advocates a Continuous Improvement Program for websites. She has been associated with WordPress community as a developer since 2010, spoke at WordCamp Pune 2013 and finds her happiness in running marathons, trekking and long walks.

Savita is our sponsorship wrangler at WordCamp Pune 2017.

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Ganesh Kerkar

Ganesh really loves designing weddings cards (strictly for friends), eating eggs, singing Hindi film songs from the 90s and silly puns, especially the bilingual ones.

He is also the CEO at Yapapaya and loves design. So he is helping out at WordCamp Pune’s design and swag team.

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Pranali Patel

Pranali is a foodie and loves to carry out delicious experiments with her cooking. She also finds time to travel and taking photographs of places she visits and dancing. She found WordPress with rtCamp, where she is now a Senior WordPress Developer.

She enjoys working on WordPress plugins and giving support among other things. At WordCamp Pune she is responsible for hospitality.

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Sheeba Abraham

Sheeba loves to organise things by making very handy and useful lists. She has been coding for many years and works as a WordPress Developer with Yapapaya.

She also likes to contribute time to’s Theme Review team and Theme Developer Handbook.

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Gagandeep Singh

Gagan loves to play around servers and automation. He secretly dreams of having his own droid army that he can unleash on the world to find him the best coffee.

He works as Chief Research Officer at Yapapaya and volunteers time on Support forums. He is a addicted to support forums.

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Ashish Ingle

Ashish loves to make animated videos and live action films.  He lives and breaths cinema, and has encyclopedic knowledge about Hindi film dialogues. 🙂

He was introduced to WordPress when he joined rtCamp as a Visual Designer and Video Editor, he additionally also gives time WordPress by editing WordCamp videos.

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Swapnil Patil

Swapnil started his WordPress journey 4 years ago. According to him he has truly enjoyed each moment of his professional life only after discovering WordPress.

He finds happiness in being involved in the community and you can see him contributing in some or the other way, by co-organizing WordCamp Pune, publishing plugins on, being a GTE of Marathi WordPress project, or contributing to the core WordPress project.

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Joel Abreo

Joel Abreo is working as the Marketing Head at rtCamp.
Currently, he is in the phase of growing his hair and beard (No Shave all year :p)
He loves to travel and communicate with new people. He also has a knack for blogging and writing articles.
For WordCamp Pune 2017 he will be handling all the tasks related to content writing and interaction on social media.

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Nitun Lanjewar

Nitun is someone who loves reading the news from around the world, keeping a zero inbox despite getting a million emails a days (not literally) and manage sales and product development for rtCamp all in a day’s work.

He is fondly called by his colleagues and friends as all-rounder. Nitun will always find the time to help you out.

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Amit Singh

Amit is a conference junkie, he gets withdrawal symptoms if he doesn’t go to one for six months or doesn’t organise for two years. When that happens, you just have to say PHP or WordPress ten times and he’s fine!

Amit is partner and CEO of WPoets. Amit has been involved in every single WordCamp in India to date and has organised WordCamp Pune 2013 & 2015. At WordCamp Pune 2017, he’s the sponsorship wrangler.

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Rahul Bansal

Rahul loves code and technology, but he loves food more. That says a lot about his love for food as he is the founder and CEO of rtCamp, a VIP partner agency based in India.

He will be taking care of the food menu at this years WordCamp in Pune.

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Sanket Parmar

Sanket loves to travel mostly on his bike, listen to music and binge watch TV series. He has contributed to WordPress ( Core Development + Translation ), BuddyPress & Easy Digital Downloads.

His introduction to coding was through PHP and got involved deeper with the WordPress world thanks to working with rtCamp where he is now a Sr. WordPress Engineer.

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