यायला लागतय

जगभरात सर्वात जास्त लोकप्रिय असलेले CMS म्हणजे WordPress आणि त्याचा वापर करणारी मंडळी म्हणजे WordPress Community चा सर्वात मोठा सण WordCamp पुणे परत आपल्या स्वागतास सज्ज आहे. WordCamp पुणे २०१५ च्या भरमसाठ यशा नंतर संजोयक Pune WordPress Knowledge Exchange (Wordex) यांनी या वेळी मागचे अनुभव व आलेल्या लोकांच्या प्रतिक्रिया लक्षात ठेवत WordCamp पुणे २०१७ भव्य, दिव्य आणि अविस्मरणीय करण्याचे योजिले आहे.

सर्व सहभागींना उपयोगी अश्या कार्यक्रमाचे नियोजन व प्रयत्न केले गेले आहेत. पंधरा जानेवारी रोजी हा दिवस भराचा कार्यक्रम नेस वाडिया वाणिज्य महाविद्यालय येथे संपन्न होणार आहे. दिवसभरात चार वेगवेगळ्या Tracks मध्ये एकूण २१ सत्र यापैकी १९ Talks व २ Panel Discussions अशी या कार्यक्रमाची रूपरेषा आहे. विशेष म्हणजे या वेळी सुध्या आमच्या कडे ५ सत्र मराठी किंवा अर्ध-मराठीत होणार आहेत.

या मराठी सत्राची माहीती साठी : ~

प्रत्येक सहभागीला आमच्या व प्रायोजकां कडून खूप सारा swag ही मिळणार आहे ज्यात T-shirt, sipper, badges आदी चा समावेश आहे. इतकच नव्हे तर मागच्या वेळेची परंपरा कायम ठेवत After-Party सुद्धा आयोजित करण्यात आली आहे…

२०१७ च्या संपुर्ण जगभरातील पहिल्याच WordCamp ला नक्कीच यायला लागतय !

Leapswitch are our final Silver Sponsors

Leapswitch Networks was founded in 2006. Leapswitch provides fully Managed shared hosting, virtual private servers, cloud servers ( http://leapswitch.com/pune-india/managed-vps-hosting/linux.php ) , dedicated servers, domain registration and colocation services. Leapswitch hosts over 60000 websites and web applications, majority of which are powered by WordPress, for 12000+ customers and resellers.

Featuring pure SSD, Pune DC location and a super-fast Tier-1 network, Leapswitch is the fastest and most reliable host for WordPress in India.

Leapswitch operates out of 19 worldwide locations across 3 continents in 10 countries. Leapswitch has been awarded as India’s Top 100 SME in 2016 and their CEO, Ishan Talathi, was featured in Economic Times Now as an Emerging SME.

Leapswitch offers true 24×7 Phone, Helpdesk and Live chat support from offices in Pune and Bangalore.

You can follow Leapswitch on Twitter ( http://twitter.com/leapswitch ) and Facebook ( http://facebook.com/leapswitch )

The unfinished story of a “Cool” swag

Everyone loves SWAG !

With this universal truth in mind, we set out to find that amazingly mind-blowing swag for the attendees at WCPune. We wanted to give something the people will love and like. With the adoration Wappu gets all over the world we had lots of deliberations and discussions about what should we give. Some ideas were great but not practical, while others were easy but not that “Cool”.

In comes my friend, Shweta Khandelwal with a unique gift. She gave me a handmade terracotta house. Which was both special and cost effective. I asked her whether the potter who had made it can make some other items. She showed me some more items, Ganesh Idols especially.

So that gave us an idea of creating a Handmade Terracotta WAPPU ! I know even the thought of having a clay wappu gives you tingles…

So here is the design brief we gave to the potter (why I keep referring him as potter and not artist you will find out soon).


To which he submitted his first draft :


This was not even close to Wappu. There was some play clay laying around and yours truly thought of trying some hand at the long forgotten art of Clay Modelling. I made this imperfect yet good looking wappu and gave it to the potter.


And after this inspiration, this is what he came up with :


I said “Bhai we don’t want a mouse, kaan toh dekh (see the ears)”. He replied with this :


Then, I said check out the style of nose and smile :


Which he incorporated like this :


Our patience and creativity was running on fumes. We did some digital editing and sent him an image to change the face of idol :


Here is what he gave as his final attempt:

We love it ! Well at least I do. But since this was not close to what we imagined when we started, we had to drop the idea all together. After spending almost 15 days with the potter who makes amazing idols of Ganesh, makes many other items beautifully I realised that not everybody is an artist. We are still in love with the idea of a handmade Wappu, and some day we will make it take shape (literally). Till then enjoy the Badges and T-Shirts and Sippers at WordCamp Pune.

p.s. if any of you want to take it further with shweta, she can be reached at  9096314545

HostingDuty are our Bronze Sponsors

HostingDuty was the brainchild of Mr.Nenadd Chandorkar which began with the development and management of cost effective severs.
Eventually partnering with his engineering classmates at the time; Mr.Pranav Chitanand and Mr.Vipul Modak, they decided to push HostingDuty to take the form of an organisation.

With Horizontal expansion in mind HostingDuty soon stretched its wings into Web Development and Android Development and today has taken form as an organisation that provides complete IT Solutions with Service as a priority.

Their’s has been a journey of an year so far but HostingDuty has designed more than 300 Websites, more than 60 Mobile Applications and currently manages 195 Servers and 3 cloud infrastructures across the world.

Their Mission is to deliver a strong backbone infrastructure to small and medium level businesses and nurture them with cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

They work towards:

1) Providing Servers and Cloud Infrastructures to the remotest parts of the world at the most affordable prices.
2) Encourage Creativity and Innovation for their employees to promote groundbreaking optimum solutions.
3) Supporting Open Source Software Development.
4) Delivering Cutting Edge Technology and Development Solutions.
5) Prioritising Service.

Product Development:

Along its Journey HostingDuty has worked on the lines of Product Development and considered it as an important part of business expansion.
Clozio Cloud, an idea planted as an Engineering project was transformed through months of efforts into a full scale Product Developed by Team HostingDuty.
Clozio Cloud is basically a one stop solution for organisations to own its own Private Cloud with industrial standard security deployed in its own premises. It also works as an inter-enterprise social network with optimum security and convenience.

After months of efforts HostingDuty today comprises of a Strong Team of 40 members in a matter of six months. They are based in Kothrud, Pune.

Announcing the Session Schedule for WCPune 2017

With WordCamp Pune just around the corner, we are excited to release the official session schedule. Head over to the Schedule page and have a look!

WordCamps have more to offer than sessions, though, and WCPune is no different. Here are some points to help you navigate the event.

The WordPress Lounge

Just like last year, we’re hosting a WordPress Lounge in the central Networking area of the venue.

In case you are not familiar with the concept, the lounge is an informal area designated for discussion about anything WordPress. You can seek advice for your WP site, discuss your next great blog post or gush about why you love a plugin.

Lots of activities!

Our Buddy Program, Photography Contest, Sponsor Bingo and Speaker Quiz will give you a bunch of opportunities to have fun, meet new people and maybe even win some goodies.

Keep your eyes (and ears) open for more information!

Multiple tracks

We are expecting >400 participants this year, with varying levels of expertise and background. It would not be fair to have a single track with a one-size-fits-all approach to topic selection.

WCPune2017 will have four parallel tracks for most of the day:

User – For individuals who use and work around WordPress for any amount of time.

Developer – This track is for all the code poets out there!

Business – Are you looking to start your own agency now or in the future? Unsure about which business pastures are greener? This is track is for you!

Community – Giving back to the WordPress community. Ways to improve events and more!

Choose where you want to go

With anywhere between 2-4 sessions running in parallel, we suggest you attend sessions that interest you the most. You are free- and encouraged- to jump between sessions in different tracks at any point.

Don’t worry, your track selection when buying your ticket does not commit you to any session. That was just so that we could make an initial estimation while working out the logistics.

Links: Schedule page | Photography Contest

Geek out with Host4Geeks, our Silver Sponsors

Host4Geeks India is latest expansion from the Leading Managed Web Hosting provider Host4Geeks LLC. This expansion marks the start of an Indian Datacenter and Local office in Pune. Host4Geeks has a total of 4 Global datacenters in US, UK & India and offers fully managed Shared, Reseller, Semi-Dedicated, VPS & WordPress Hosting Services. They were recently tested to be the fastest WordPress hosting platform in India by an independent third party website.

For more information visit their website (https://host4geeks.in)

Vachan Kudmule will help you start a marketplace with WooCommerce

Vachan became an entrepreneur in 2002, at 17, when he started his firm KDC (Krazy Devil Creationz).

Over 14 years, he has expanded his business around payment solutions and eCommerce, mainly WooCommerce.

At WordCamp Pune, Vachan will explain how to start a marketplace simply with WooCommerce.

His session will cover:

  1. Brief Intro to WooCommerce [based on real-time stat of the audience]
  2. What is a marketplace
  3. How to setup a marketplace
  4. Handle Payments
  5. Handle Logistics
  6. Vendor Relationships

Swapnil Patil, our next Marathi Speaker, will talk about WordPress Coding Standards

Until the past few weeks, Swapnil was one of the people who didn’t care much about coding standards and the general readability the standards offer to the code.

He recently experienced how much difference that makes.

Now Swapnil would like to introduce WordPress Coding Standards and how to automate them.

काही आठवडे आधी, स्वप्निलला स्वतः लिहित असलेल्या कोड कसा आहे, किंवा कुठेले स्टँडर्ड्स कसे आणि का वापरायचे या बद्दल माहित नव्हते.

चांगला आणि स्टँडर्ड्स वापरून लिहिलेल्या कोडनी किती चांगला फरक पडू शकतो याचा तो गेल्या काही दिवस पासून अनुभव घेत आहे.

म्हनुण स्वप्निल वर्डप्रेस कोडिंग स्टैंडर्ड बद्दल आपल्या महिती देणार आहे.

Amrit Israni will talk about importance of culture in an organisation

Amrit Israni is a human resource professional who enjoys exploring organizational culture, strategies, and goals.

He likes to be a part of the WordPress community as it’s based on open source culture.

Amrit will have an interactive session exploring various facets of organisational culture.

Culture is a dominant aspect in any organisation, whether apparent or not it still exists.

He will be discussing what open source culture is, on how certain behavioural sets can be effectively mapped to an individual’s job roles and responsibilities.

He will also be sharing his thoughts on how culture varies in service and product based organisation.

Yogesh Londhe on Random Hacks of Kindness and its impact

Yogesh has taught in schools in India, China, Tajikistan over the past 25 years. He is a technology enthusiast and believes that power of technology can be used for social good.

He is a lead of at the Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) community in Bangalore. Yogesh wants to bring such concepts and introduce them at a WordCamp, because he loves using WordPress because of the community around and its FOSS principles.

Yogesh will join Saurabh Shukla in a interview style discussion about how open source communities work, what motivates people to contribute time and skills for the community and the impact such ideas make with examples.