Saurabh Shukla

He understands freedom as having control on one’s own life and hence is fascinated by the GPL. He really feels that open source morality and the internet can solve a lot of India’s problems, especially the ones related to education and livelihood.

He still likes to be called a WordPress developer but his role has increasingly tilted towards marketing and strategy in the past few years.

Saurabh is the Chief Strategy Officer at Yapapaya and Chief Mentor at BaapWP.me.

Vachan Kudmule

Vachan became an entrepreneur in 2002, at 17, when he started his firm KDC (Krazy Devil Creationz). It has grown into a full-fledged web solutions agency.

He’s studied architecture and started his second firm KDC Inc in 2006 which provides architecture and interior design solutions.

He ventured into eCommerce Consulting in 2009 and started KDC Pay which assists startups in building full-fledged eCommerce sites with Payment Gateway accruing and integration.

At present Vachan is involved with all the three while also heading the design and technology teams for White Shadows, a digital marketing agency & KDC EduVents, the parent firm of FOSS.tech; an initiative to assist the FOSS community to grow.

Vachan’s motto is “everything can and must be designed”.

He’s passionate about FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and helping start-ups grow their business.

Self-learning and exploring new ideas keeps him motivated, and he has pioneered many industry first concepts in alternative access mediums.

He’s presently experimenting with Native Mobile App Development.

Swapnil V. Patil

Swapnil started his WordPress journey 4 years ago.

According to him, he has truly enjoyed each moment of his professional life only after discovering WordPress.

स्वप्निल वर्डप्रेस ४ वर्षापसुन वापरतो.

स्वप्निला आसें वाटते की वर्डप्रेस सोबत त्याचा व्यावसायिक आयुष्याचा प्रत्येक क्षण आनंदी झाला.

Amrit Israni

Amrit is a human resource professional who enjoys exploring organizational culture, strategies, and goals.

He likes to be a part of the WordPress community as it’s based on open source culture.

When he is not helping people, he is busy supporting Arsenal, playing basketball (there is a high possibility of finding him on the court during WordCamp), jamming or spending time with family.

At ShoppinPal, you will usually find him eating or discussing a range of movies apart from the regular HR work. You will never find him without his diary and a smile on his face!

Yogesh Londhe

Yogesh has taught in schools in India, China, Tajikistan over the past 25 years. He is a technology enthusiast and believes that power of technology can be used for social good.

His passions are education, reading and traveling. He loves WordPress for it’s democratic nature and wonderful community.

Jitesh Patil

Jitesh is a WordPress developer & digital marketing enthusiast. He works at Yapapaya.

When not writing code, you’ll find him reading about organizational behavior, leadership & mythology. He is also an active Rotarian.

His 2017 resolution is to write consistently at https://www.jiteshpatil.com.

जितेश हा एक वर्डप्रेस डेव्हलपर आणि हौशी डिजिटल मार्केटर आहे. तो यापपाया येथे कार्यरत आहे.

वर्डप्रेस आणि डिजिटल मार्केटिंग व्यतिरिक्त त्याला ऑर्गनायझेशनल बिहेविअर, लीडरशिप आणि पुराण वाचन आवडतं. तो एक ऍक्टिव्ह रोटेरिअन देखील आहे.

२०१७ या नव्या वर्षात https://www.jiteshpatil.com या वेबसाईट वर अधिक अपडेट्स टाकण्याचा त्याचा निश्चय आहे.

Vikas Kumar

Vikas is an entrepreneur, investor, author, and marathoner. He is an IIM Lucknow Alumnus.

He has served as CTO at various startups such as Brainvisa Technologies, SMEJoinup in last 16 years and currently serving as CTO at LoanTap.

He is passionate about technology, specifically WordPress.

Along with WPoets, he is building a free WordPress plugin called Awesome Studios.

Sandeep Raman

Sandeep Raman is Co-Founder of Hummingbird Web Solutions.

He is the Business Lead for WPEka Blog and Products which builds and supports products for Web developers and Web Designers.

He is also a WordPress Core Contributor and Plugin Developer.

He an avid reader, working on converting his theoretical knowledge of Yoga into practice and loves Open Source.

You can connect with him on Twitter & LinkedIn.


Gajanan Sapate

Gajanan is a marketing enthusiast and a passionate entrepreneur.

His first venture CollegeKhabar (College information portal) founded during college days became India’s one of the largest student community.

He explored his love for WordPress while working with rtCamp.

He then bootstrapped a digital media agency (SocialChamps Media Pvt) in 2011 which is now a leading digital agency with an experience of 400+ brands.

Gajanan received an honor of cited among ‘50 Most Influential Digital Leaders‘ by World Marketing Congress in 2016.

Makarand Mane

Makarand is a full-time freelancer & WordPress enthusiast, earning his bread and butter using WordPress from more than five years. He serves his clients through website makarandmane.com.

Although WordPress is built with PHP, Makarand learnt PHP and jQuery after he started using WordPress.

After creating second project WordPress, he felt in love with it in 2011 and since then never touched Joomla again.

Makarand is General translation editor for Marathi language and active in the polyglot community.

He also conducts programming workshops in colleges.

Outside of WordPress, he loves traveling visiting new places, trying new things and spiritual practice. He boosts his energy by doing yoga & meditation and helps others to do by teaching it.

Aleksander Kuczek

CEO Perfect Dashboard. OpenSource CMS aficionado. Joomla Extension Directory team member, and WordPress Directory aspiring team member.  Foodie & computer games freak. First time in India.

Ashley Lam

Ashley is passionate about democratizing publishing, a mission she carries on as a happiness engineer at Automattic. There, she applies all her previous customer support experience to help, and educate users to make the most out of WordPress.com.

Victoria Park

Victoria is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, and she provides support for users on WordPress.com sites. She is passionate about traveling and seeing new places, and eventually hope to compile her thoughts and tips into a comprehensive travel blog for future adventurers.

Fairy Dharawat

Fairy Dharawat is scribbling aggressively on a piece of paper finishing her to do lists, her project and trying to remain sane. To jot down things that she loves and hate is difficult because they keep on changing. She tries hard to stay relevant, but pop culture deludes her, and she takes solace in learning lyrics of songs and reading mystery novels the classic ones. She is vary of fandoms, they scare her with their intense sense of belonging.

Avadhoot Kulkarni

Avadhoot loves marketing and has been an evangelist of remote work for more than 2.5 years now.

He has been fortunate to serve clients across the globe (USA, Middle East, South East Asia) from his comforting home-office and/or coffee shops in Pune, India.

He explored most about WordPress while working at rtCamp. He has since then used or recommended WordPress to all of his clients.

In his session he will be sharing his experience about remote working.

अवधूत मार्केटर असून गेली २.५ वर्षे तो रिमोट काम करत आहे. त्याचे जगभरात क्लाएन्ट्स (यूएसए, मध्य पूर्व, दक्षिण पूर्व आशिया) असून तो त्याच्या पुण्याच्या घरी सेट केलेल्या ऑफिस मधून त्यांना सेवा पुरवतो.

आटीकम्प मध्ये काम करताना तो वर्डप्रेसबद्दल खूप काही शिकला. त्यानंतर त्याने त्याच्या सर्व क्लाएन्ट्ससाठी वर्डप्रेस वापरले आहे किंवा शिफारस केली आहे.

त्याच्या सत्रामधे तो त्याचा रिमोट कामाच्या अनूभवाबद्दल बोलेल.

Nancy Thanki

Nancy Thanki is a photographer, filmmaker, and Happiness Engineer. Whether she is tinkering on the web or editing a film, she’s enjoys introducing users and storytellers to visual design and how to avoid the pitfalls of “en vogue” to create products that can withstand the test of rising and falling fashions in typography, photography, moving images, and design.

Utsav Singh Rathour

Utsav Singh Rathour is a WordPress enthusiast and a developer by passion. Having been using WordPress since the first human step on the moon or around 2007 (not quite sure), he can’t believe how the love has always grown. He is the co-founder of Code Pixelz and also the co-founder of Code Themes Co. He is now focused on a creating a better platform for clients and WordPress Developers through WPArmy.

Isabelle Garcia

Isabelle is a freelancer, entrepreneur, WordPress advocate, digital nomad and social media geek.

She designs, codes, writes, posts, takes pictures and makes videos with her iPhone!

If you want to know more about her, she suggests you read her blog: http://www.isabellegarcia.me. Of course, it’s WordPress! 😉

Rahul Bansal

Rahul Bansal (rahul286), is the Founder & CEO of rtCamp.

He fell in love with WordPress in 2007. Over time he has worn many hats such as that of a blogger, developer, designer, entrepreneur, translator, WordCamp speaker and WordCamp organiser.

Over the past 8 years, he has been a part of numerousWordPress projects such as rtMedia and EasyEngine.

You can read Rahul’s WordPress story on HeroPress – http://heropress.com/essays/wordpress-continues-inspire/

Kumar Abhirup

Kumar Abhirup is a thirteen year old, 7th Grade student from Nashik. He’s a Developer and a keen Blogger who loves writing and coding. In addition, he likes solving Math problems, exploring Science and all in all, is a passionate WebGeek.

Possibly the youngest ever speaker at a WordCamp, he started blogging and building websites at the age of ten! He now has an active website IQubex, where he talks about blogging, technology and code.

He’s built 2 more websites since then and is learning more about Android & iOS Development and other tech. He’s inspired by success stories of Mashable, Facebook and Apple.

He was introduced to the WordPress community at WordCamp Nashik 2016 where he was one of the most popular attendees.

Harshad Mane

Harshad Mane is a PHP Programmer and a WordPress Enthusiast. He’s passionate about WordPress, and using it to develop modern and impressive websites.

He has been working in the web industry for over 11 years. Starting as a PHP Progammer, He soon moved his way into WordPress development, and to this day he still loves doing both.

When away from computer Harshad enjoys doing yoga, listening to music and thinking about going back to the computer!

हर्षद माने एक पीएचपी (PHP) प्रोग्रामर व एक उत्साही वर्डप्रेस यूजर आहे, आधुनिक आणि प्रभावी वेबसाइट बनविण्याकरिता हर्षद वर्डप्रेसचा वापर करतो.

हर्षद ने पीएचपी (PHP) प्रोग्रामर म्हणून करिअरला सुरुवात केली, जवळपास ११ वर्ष वेब इंडस्ट्री मध्ये काम केल्यानंतर हर्षद ने वर्डप्रेसवर काम करण्यास सुरुवात केली, सध्या त्याला पीएचपी (PHP) व वर्डप्रेस डेव्हलोपमेंट करायला आवडतं.

वर्डप्रेस व्यतिरकत हर्षदला योगा आणी संगीत आवडते.