HostingDuty was the brainchild of Mr.Nenadd Chandorkar which began with the development and management of cost effective severs.
Eventually partnering with his engineering classmates at the time; Mr.Pranav Chitanand and Mr.Vipul Modak, they decided to push HostingDuty to take the form of an organisation.

With Horizontal expansion in mind HostingDuty soon stretched its wings into Web Development and Android Development and today has taken form as an organisation that provides complete IT Solutions with Service as a priority.

Their’s has been a journey of an year so far but HostingDuty has designed more than 300 Websites, more than 60 Mobile Applications and currently manages 195 Servers and 3 cloud infrastructures across the world.

Their Mission is to deliver a strong backbone infrastructure to small and medium level businesses and nurture them with cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

They work towards:

1) Providing Servers and Cloud Infrastructures to the remotest parts of the world at the most affordable prices.
2) Encourage Creativity and Innovation for their employees to promote groundbreaking optimum solutions.
3) Supporting Open Source Software Development.
4) Delivering Cutting Edge Technology and Development Solutions.
5) Prioritising Service.

After months of efforts HostingDuty today comprises of a Strong Team of 40 members in a matter of six months. They are based in Kothrud, Pune.