Pricing Details

Early Bird Tickets: Available till Monday, the 19th of December 2016. Tickets will be available for ₹350 instead of the regular ₹500.

Regular Tickets: Available from Tuesday, the 20th of December 2016 to Saturday, the 31st of December at the regular price of ₹500.

T-shirt less Tickets: Available from Sunday, the 1st of January, 2016 to Sunday, the 15th of January at the same price of ₹500. However, there will be no t-shirts for any such tickets due to the logistics of printing t-shirts.

(Read why only T-shirt less tickets are available now?)


  • There are discount coupons available for Women, Senior Citizens, the Differently Abled and Students.
  • Please make sure that you buy discounted tickets separately from any regular tickets you buy.
    • So, if you are a group of 2 women and 2 men, buy the 2 tickets for women once using the appropriate coupon code.
    • Then buy the regular tickets separately without using the coupon code.
  • If you want to buy tickets in bulk (>20), please get in touch with us at to avail of an additional 10% discount.
  • Please read the offer details for discounts before proceeding.

Individual Sponsors

This ticket is intended for WordPress professionals or people who recognize that WordCamp Pune is as valuable as more traditionally-priced industry conferences and want to help support the event.

You get everything you would from a standard ticket plus a sense of satisfaction in knowing that you’re giving extra financial support.

Plus you’ll be listed by name in the individual sponsors thank you section on the Sponsors page!

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All tickets are subject to availability and may get sold out like last year due to bulk purchases or any other reasons. There are no extra tickets for anyone under any condition. Tickets not listed here are reserved for organisers, volunteers and speakers.