Presenting the official WCPune T-shirt

WCPune Tshirt

The winner of the T-shirt contest is A Day in Pune by Smita Dabir. We spoke to Smita, congratulated her and got some modifications done.

Do remember that only tickets bought before the 1st of January get t-shirts (because it takes 15 days for our vendor to print and deliver them), so buy your ticket now.

The meaning of the t-shirt

WCPune T-shirt Annotated

Selection Process

  1. From 11 to 7: To maintain fairness and remove any bias, we first took out the designs submitted by the organisers (Premanshu & Ganesh). That reduced our choice to 7 designs.
  2. From 7 to 2: Next thing we looked for is how specific was the design to WordCamp Pune. It’s one thing we noticed in WordCamp t-shirts around the world. Just like the logo and the mascot, the t-shirt had a local flavour or element that differentiated it from just a WordPress t-shirt. After all, we want you to remember WordCamp Pune! 🙂 That left us with just 2 designs – Shades of Pune by Kaushik Baroliya and A Day in Pune by Smita Dabir.
  3. From 2 to 1: Then it was just a matter of picking one that made most sense as the official WordCamp Pune 2017 t-shirt. A Day in Pune had everything quintessential about Pune!

Why black?

That’s because every vendor we approached is short on every colour except black and white, owing to the recent cyclone that affected their sourcing from Tirupur. Black & white are colours that are always in stock because they are always in demand. White was out of question, so all we have is black.