Last 48-hours to Submit Your Speaker Application for WordCamp Pune

Speaker Application Deadline for WordCamp is Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017 midnight (IST). Last 48 hours left.

We are less than two-weeks away from the WordCamp Pune 2017! ⌛️

There are many things pending on our to-do list. One of the key task is to publish the schedule for the WordCamp.

As WordCamp Pune is a multi-track conference, it will need a lot more efforts to get a right schedule compared to single-track event. We are already planning four main tracks in addition to other activities.

We surely wish to avoid git pull situation in speakers schedule as it happened last time 😐

Last date for speaker application

We need minimum 3-days to process any application, atleast in theory! 😉

As we are planning to publish WordCamp schedule by Friday (Jan 6) evening, we need to close speaker applications by Tuesday midnight.

So please submit speaker application by Tuesday, Jan 3, 2017 midnight (IST).

Already Applied?

If you have already submitted an application, then you can wait for a followup from our side till Friday morning.

If we have sent a followup earlier, asking for more details or a sample video, or anything else, we won’t be sending another followup to followup.

You are free to reach to organiser team by bumping the email thread in your mailbox. The subject line for email should look like:

[WC Pune Organisers] [<random-string>] WordCamp Speaker Request

Please ignore the the random sting part. You can search your mailbox for “[WC Pune Organisers]” or “WordCamp Speaker Request” strings.

If you do not see a mail thread, then you may apply again.

Link: Speaker Application Form

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