Last day to Purchase WordCamp Pune Regular Ticket with T-shirt

WCPune Tshirt

If you haven’t purchased your WordCamp Pune ticket, then please consider doing it today.

Because today is last day for our “regular tickets” sale. From tomorrow, there will be only “T-shirt less” tickets available; that’s too subject to availability!

What’s the difference between T-shirt less and Regular Ticket?

As the name suggest, T-shirt less tickets will not have free T-shirt that regular tickets come with!

Apart from this, you will be able to attend WordCamp and get access to everything else that regular or early-bird ticket holder will get.

Why can’t all ticket holders gets t-shirts?

As we are just 15-days away from the WordCamp Pune 2017, we need to give a formal T-shirt printing order to our vendor.

For that, we need your t-shirt size before 31st Dec 2016 i.e. today!

How it affects speaker/sponsor/organiser/<anyone-with-free-ticket>?

You should have registered your free ticket by using coupon code by now.

If you haven’t used coupon code yet, please use today to get a regular ticket.

From tomorrow, all tickets, including the one redeemed via coupon code will become T-shirtless tickets.

If you have misplaced your coupon or did not get one, please get in touch with us using the contact form.

How can I verify/change my T-shirt size?

If you have already purchased a ticket, please check confirmation email for information edit link.

The link starts with

The email looks like below:

What can I wear if I end up with T-shirt less ticket?

You are free to wear anything that is in line with WordCamp’s code of conduct. 🙂

But we would love to see you in the nice T-shirts we are printing for the event!

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